November 30, 2023

White’s metal detector products don’t seem to have any problems getting the thumbs-up of approval from almost all metal detecting hobbyists today. In fact, their DFX and MXT series are receiving great reviews because of their exceptional performances and easy-to-use features. So, if you’re looking for the same cost-effective qualities, maybe it’s about time that you also pick your own White’s metal detector model.

The mxt and dfx metal detector series from whites are currently their best-seller products out there. But if you compare the two, the dfx metal detectors are slightly more favored by most hobbyists. But in terms of ease of use, both share the same qualities that make them ideal for kids, adults, beginners, and seasoned treasure hunters. One of the advantages of the dfx over the mxt is its Signagraph ID System, which makes it convenient to recognize different targets underground without finding the need to know all the features of the detector.

There are different ways to purchase a White’s metal detector. You can try using their website to find local dealers near your area. Although it might be a little inconvenient, but it’s a great way to personally evaluate and get a feel of the model that you want. Some local dealers even offer great special saving deals. But if you really don’t want to exert much effort, there are plenty of online shops that are just waiting for you to notice them. You can actually visit kellyco, or if you want to buy these at cheaper prices, eBay is always the best site to check out. Some even have bought the dfx detectors for $500 plus on eBay.

But, seriously, before you jump right into purchasing one of these and scout famous trails in your area, it’s highly recommended that you first learn a thing or two about detectors. Well, that’s assuming that you’re totally new at metal detecting. First of all, think about the type of metal detecting that you expect to be doing most of the time (e.g. gold prospecting or relic hunting). Metal detectors are almost always designed to do a specific job type. So if you know what type of hunting you’re going to do, it’ll be easier to narrow down your choices.

One of the most common problems and mistakes made by beginners is choosing the wrong size of search coil for their detectors. Search coils are varied in their shapes and sizes, which could range from 4-inches to 15-inches. As a rule of thumb, large search coils are used to search for large-surfaced metal objects buried deep underground while small search coils are effective in garbage populated grounds and for searching small metallic items.

It’s only through repeated use and familiarization that you get to take advantage of the full potential of your metal detector. That means that you have to have experience. Fortunately, White’s metal detector models are loaded with features that make metal detecting easier to learn and more enjoyable.