November 30, 2023

Buying firewood is a task that many homeowners have to go through every year. For some, this is not always a pleasant experience. One of the biggest complaints I hear from my firewood customers is about firewood dealers who bringing them wood that is still green when they were promised would be dry. This is a common problem that is not going to go away soon, but buying your wood at the right time of year can keep you from experiencing this problem.

In order for firewood to burn most efficiently, it must be dry. It can take from 6 months to a year for green wood to dry. What most firewood consumers do is wait until late summer or fall to buy their winter supply of firewood. Buying their wood at this time just before winter may sound like a great idea, but in my opinion it is one of the worst times to buy your firewood, for a couple reasons.

The first reason is, it is a sellers market at that time. This is when everyone else is buying wood and the demand is the highest. Firewood suppliers are usually busiest this time of year and it is also when prices are highest. In order to find or be more likely to negotiate better prices, you will be better off buying your firewood late winter or early spring. This is when most other consumers are not thinking about firewood and when firewood dealers are short on customers.

The other reason not to buy firewood in late summer or fall is you will then have to depend on a firewood supplier to bring you wood that is already dry. It would be nice to think all firewood dealers are dependable enough to have dry wood but unfortunately this is not always the case. Buying firewood can be hit and miss. When it’s a miss it can mean you will be trying to burn wood all winter that is not dry.

Buying firewood in late winter or spring is not only best because demand is low then, it also gives your wood a whole summer to dry. This gives you the option to buy green wood, which you can usually get for a lower price than dry wood.

In my opinion the best time to buy firewood is in late winter or early spring. At this time the demand is low and and your wood will have all summer to dry.