December 3, 2023

The Main Steps for Graffiti Spray Painting

Ensure you give lots of thought in choosing the subject of the painting. The idea has to work well with your personal style of spray paint and practical skills, for instance photo realism graffiti is not for every individual although it does work for certain people. It’s usually recommended that you sketch the piece in your black book to begin with to ensure the scale and proportions are actually correct, if needed sketch out a grid so when you are laying the piece out on a big wall you know it will be appropriate. When sketching out your piece on the wall only use a very light spray paint which will not interrupt and show through in the final picture. Should you be struggling to come up with a subject for your piece why not try duplicating your favourite photograph, using this method you can experiment and develop something else entirely to the original image.

Now you have decided on the picture you’re going to depict using spray paint graffiti, your next important step will be to figure out the colour composition. This is very important because you want to turn up to paint and realise you have the appropriate colours. It is always better to visit a graffiti supplies retailer before setting out to paint. Before you buy the spray paint, colour in the drawing in your sketch book and this will give you a good idea just what colour spray paints to buy. Make sure you keep in mind though it is possible your painting will look a lot different on a large wall compared to your smaller sketch book; however only experience with a spray can will teach you the way the final painting is going to turn out.

Along with using a lightly coloured spray paint to outline your painting on the wall, you can even use charcoal or chalk. Depending on how skilled and confident you are, it may not be necessary to mark out a grid so you can perfect your arrangement for the painting, some people find this technique useful before they begin spray painting.

With spray paint you need to understand how you are going to lay down your layers of colour in order to make the whole picture. Most graffiti and street art artists always start by planning the background of the picture to start with. So once you have finished outlining the picture on to your wall, start to spray the base colour of the background colour. Just remember starting off by using a light back ground will definitely help to make all of your colours come out of the painting. Many people also use paint rollers to fill in large blocks of colours because this is a lot quicker.

The best way to fill out large blocks of colour in your painting is to develop light layers of colour. Steadily building up the colour in a thin coating will prevent the spray paint from dripping. This technique also makes it much simpler to fade various colours in to one and other.

To finish off the details in your painting you don’t have to only stay with using the spray can. Many graffiti artists work with a number of equipment from paint brushes to paint markers. However you can also get very fine spray paint nozzles which create very thin lines, before you do this be sure to practice as creating high level of details with a thin nozzle requires a large amount of precision and control. A helpful tip is always use a low pressure spray can with this, the paint comes out slower and you have more control over the spray can.

And there you have it, time to start your next piece of spray paint graffiti and improve and experiment on what you have previously learnt.