November 30, 2023

Body art is the decoration of the human body. The most common forms of body art are tattoos, professional makeup, body painting, fashion makeup, face painting and temporary airbrush tattoos. Body painting is a form of temporary body art. Unlike permanent tattoos, body painting can lasts for several hours. Body painting has been a significant part of rituals dating back thousands of years. Body painting and face painting, along with dancing and drumming, were the means for some cultures to reach specific altered state of consciousness. In this state, group members would lose the sensation of fear and pain and become fully dedicated to the group interests. This state was crucial for physical survival and as a defense from predators, enemies or other forces of the nature.

In today’s world body painting is largely used in the fashion and film industry. It is also commonly used as a method of gaining attention in political protests or expressing rage, beliefs or feelings. Painting that is restricted to the face is known as face painting, professional makeup or fashion makeup. Traditional face painting is applied with face makeup, brush and sponge. The more contemporary form of face painting utilizes Vibe airbrush face makeup and an airbrush. Fashion makeup, also known as extreme beauty makeup, consist primarily of designs applied around the eye area using highly pigmented colors and shimmers.

While permanent tattoos have been around for thousands of years, the desire to remove or cover permanent tattoos has likely existed almost as long. The same desire that exists to remove or cover permanent tattoos also applies to scars or skin imperfections that may exist on an individual’s skin. Typical processes for removing permanent tattoos or correcting or hiding scars or skin imperfections include painful and expensive surgical procedures, such as laser removal, that can result in scarring. Less permanent methods involve the application of professional makeup. There are many different types of professional makeup including foundation, powders, lip sticks, mascaras and bronzers. Most of the professional makeup media can be applied with a brush and sponge. Yet, the fastest and smoothest application can be achieved with an airbrush.

The most common form of body painting is temporary airbrush tattoos. Temporary airbrush tattoos are quickly applied using an airbrush and stencils. Airbrush tattoos can last for days and are removable with rubbing alcohol. Temporary airbrush tattoos have been applied for a variety of different purposes, including decoration, social status, and as a sign of endearment.