December 6, 2023

Dry fix verge systems have risen in popularity over traditional mortar bedded verges in recent years, but how do they differ from each other and what are the advantages of a dry fix system that make it so popular? The clue, really, is in the name as ‘dry fix’ products require no wet cement mix or mortar to bed the verge to the roof edge. Instead the components of the verge are slotted together and fixed with nails or screws to the verge, employing innovative design to ensure the waterproofing of the roof and remove the need for a wet mix.

Whilst using mortar is an effective method of bedding the verge, ensuring the roof edge is protected from water and unwelcome pests; time needs to be allowed for the mortar to set. With the use of a dry fix verge this setting time is redundant, removing the risk of the mix staining roof tiles if it rains before the mortar is fully set. In addition to this, a key disadvantage of mortar is that it does not yield to the movements of a building and it is weakened over time by age and temperature fluctuations, leading to a large amount of maintenance over time. Addressing these key issues of longevity and ease of installation, dry fix products have many other advantages over mortar bedded verges which contribute to their popularity.

Compatible with most concrete or slate interlocking roof tiles, a dry fix verge can be installed at the same time as the tiles or later as part of verge maintenance to replace a cracked or crumbling mortar verge. Each component part of the verge slots into the previous piece beginning with the starter insert which is secured to the face and end of the fascia board with stainless steel or aluminium screws. Each of the units is installed by sliding upwards into the previous element, ensuring that the lugs fit snugly into the internal locating slots at the correct height. This results in an instantly waterproofed verge which is fitted in a fraction of the time it would take for a mortar bedded roof edge to be installed and dried.

Impenetrable to water, birds and large insects a dry fix verge is guaranteed to perform for years in even the most demanding conditions. Where a mortar verge may crumble or admit water to enter the roof space, a dry verge made from high performance plastic will stand firm and eliminate the need for costly maintenance. One such dry fix system is Marley Universal Dry Verge, which includes fantastically high performance dry fix materials which are designed to complement most tiled and slate roofs to ensure the integrity of the roof profile and continue an aesthetic. Each component of the Marley system is manufactured to stringent quality control specifications from high grade plastic which is designed to withstand exposure to high levels of UV, guaranteeing a remarkable length of service.