November 30, 2023

Have you ever wanted to put your name or your company logo on something and wondered how to get it done yourself? You can buy a small engraving tool to put your name on your things but it’s very limited and won’t work for a logo. You have to pay an arm and a leg to have a shop do it for you.

Well, I have a metal marking kit that lets me permanently mark anything metal. I’ve used it on my tools to keep them from walking out of my shop. I use it to put my part numbers on the custom metal parts that I make. I put my logo on my metal dies, equipment and everything you can think of around here. I love it. I’m not limited to just putting words on the items; I put my company logo on it! The great thing is that it takes just seconds and costs less that one cent per mark.

Here is how it works. You simply create on your computer any design, text copy or trademark you wish and then print it out on a clear transparency sheet which comes in each kit. Next you use that transparency and place it on a piece of Dura-Film Stencil material and place them both in one of the new Mark 440 Series U.V. Stencil Makers. In just about two minutes you then have a stencil that can be used with the Metal marking kit to quickly and permanently mark anything metal. Nothing could be simpler or easier. You’ll be amazed at how professional they look.

Best of all, the stencil you just made can be used to put your mark on anything. You can use the stencil for any application you would use a stencil with.

Here is the secret. We’ve taken a standard commercial metal marking system that is used everyday in aircraft, automobile and hundreds of other industrial plants and greatly simplified it into an easily usable system that anyone can use “right out of the box” with no training. It is designed for any size application. It’s great for an industrial plant on down to the “Do It Yourself Craftsman” working in their own shop.

This means that absolutely anyone can easily put Trademarks, Designs or Text Copy on their metal products, put designs on Knife Blades, permanently mark, tools, dies, drill bits, hardened tool steel, carbides and even surgical instruments, stainless steel coffee mugs or thousands of other metal items in just a matter of seconds and for less than a Penny per Mark.

Not only that, but the Metal marking kit will make two kinds of marks. The standard mark is Black and you have seen it on feeler gauges, drill bits, saw blades, knife blades and hundreds of other items. This mark takes about 2 seconds and is permanent. The second mark is a deep etch that can go down into the metal as deep as 3 thousands (.003″) of an inch and takes about 15 seconds, depending on the depth of the mark and the metal surface.

Even though the Metal marking kit is the lowest priced metal marking kit on the market today, the marks it makes are EXACTLY Like any commercial mark you will ever see and it even compares with Laser marks which are more expensive and in many cases Slower to make.

Whether your need is to permanently mark metal products with your trademark or to ensure tools go home with their rightful owners, the Metal marking kit handles it all and anyone in your plant can do it.

This New permanent metal marking kit provides everything an individual or business needs to quickly and professionally mark anything metal. The kits are available in different sizes for individual use and for industrial purposes. The options make this metal marking solution ideal for anyone who needs to ensure permanent part numbers, trademarks, logos or product codes are readily identifiable on anything made of metal.

The metal marking system has been proven over and over again in industries as far ranging as Aircraft Manufacturers, Automotive Makers, Tool Makers along with the U.S. Military and even Hospitals for marking surgical instruments so you are getting a permanent metal marking solution that is tried and tested. In fact, NASA has even used one of these metal marking kits to put inspection dates and numbers in the nose cones of space shuttles. For complete info and plenty of photos see the website shown below.