December 3, 2023

“Oh no, now I have done it.” You have just applied to a lot paint and made big sagging paint globs to your when great product. That perfect contest successful end you had been hoping for is now a catastrophe.

All is not misplaced on the other hand. You can take care of just about any paint error that you have created on your contest model with just a bit of function. With a careful paint sanding approach, you can produce a great complete.

Working with four methods paint standing, re-spray, paint polish and wax, you can repair just about any blunder you make. I will display you how to use these strategies to repair your model and deliver it back to contest degree.

Paint standing is the initial technique we will use to suitable and in excess of spray or orange peel scenario you have made on your product. Orange peel is just additional paint that is used to thickly and ends up earning the surface of your model looked like the outside the house of an orange. The least difficult technique I’ve discovered to right this type of problem is just to use sandpaper to grind off the further paint. The most difficult element of performing this is not to stand into the aspects sticking out of the floor of your model.

There are several distinctive grades or grits of sandpaper. I in essence classify sandpaper into two types, rough and high-quality. Rough sandpaper will come in grit quantities from 100 to 1000. The decreased the selection the far more system it is. For major paint elimination I typically use amount 320 grit. High-quality sandpaper runs from 2000 by way of 12000 grit. This great grit is just one top secret to getting to a ideal finish.

Sandpaper will come with distinctive forms of backing. I desire cloth backing around the less expensive paper backing because frequently I use only a damp sanding approach. Soaked sanding is exactly where you use h2o to enable lubricate the surface of the product and commonly operates greater for my product paints.

Your to start with activity is to permit your paint oversight dry entirely. Then get started the uneven paint elimination with a tough grit sanding currently being quite careful not to sand into any plastic detail of your design. I will lower the sandpaper into very little parts and maintain them or glue them to wood “equipment” to get into small places. I will also use paint thinner to soften paint buildup close to specific places trying to keep in thoughts that you do not want to spoil the plastic.

As soon as this is finished, re-spray paint the destroyed place.

Keep on this method of sanding and re-spraying right until you are pleased with the end. At this phase you are now ready to high-quality sand the paint.

Wonderful sanding is really the legitimate secret to a fantastic paint complete. I function the paint end by sanding the paint employing these grits in purchase.







The sandpaper I like to use is sandwiched amongst foam so that it conforms to the area of the design a lot more effortlessly. Each move employs the damp sanding method with water. Transform your sanding strokes in different instructions and consider not to use a ton of tension. At the end of this paint sanding sequence the surface of your product need to be very even and clean. This will provide us to the next action which is sprucing the paint.

Paint polish is the up coming solution to that in the vicinity of excellent paint complete for your contest winning design. I like Novus plastic paint polish. I get the job done the paint to a fine mirror end by employing No. 3, No.2, and then No.1 in sequence. This sets you up for the ultimate action which is wax protection.

Wax protection is the final step in and generating your contest successful the model complete.
I use Meguiar’s mirror glaze #26 specialist higher tech yellow wax. You can obtain this at any automotive areas retail outlet. I utilize it with a smooth cloth and buff the paint to a showroom finish.

Properly there you have it. It is a lot of function but it is well worthy of the exertion. In the conclude you have preset your ache issue and appear out with a design that has a finish showroom and contest successful finish.