November 30, 2023

If you’re looking for the ultimate duty grade tactical flash light, this is a must read. I will layout the features, durability, and my conclusion of the Brite Strike duty grade tactical flashlight giving you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.


· The RL-198-HLS Brite Strike Flash light operates with a single finger tail cap push button allowing your other hand to be free. It produces 198 lumens on High, 90 lumens on low and with a third push of the button emits a blinding 198 lumens Strobe that will disorient and distract any assailant.

· The cutting edge 3 watt Luxeon LED technology rated to more than a 100, 000 hours; that translates to 12, 500 eight hour shifts. The LED’s don’t emit the blue ring typical of most LED flashlights it just offers a bright white lumen due to the faceted machined aluminum reflector and the Luxeon Led Technology.

· Equipped with pocket clips to fit easily on any vest, shirt or front pants pocket making them ideal for easy retrieval. They also come standard with nylon holder.

· The tri sided barrels were designed for maximum grip in your hand and clap to your weapon easier than most tactical flashlights.

· IT also features front and rear crowns designed specifically for striking the unruly suspect in emergency situations.

· Being compact and light weight, measuring approximately 5″ long and ¾” in diameter makes it versatile enough to be carried by SWAT, detectives, and plain clothes police officers.


· The Brite Strike’s case is made of a new propriety super hard finish exceeding Mil-specs class 3 hard anodized. I tried to scratch the finish with a knife to no avail. The finish is extraordinarily tough.

· The case is CNC machined from a solid bar of aerospace grade aluminum.

· The Brite Strike is water proof. To test this theory I filled my utility sink with water turned on the flash light and plugged it under water for 5 minutes. It worked perfectly! Upon exiting the water I dried the exterior and opened it up; it was bone dry inside.

· The Brite Strike claims to be shock proof, so I dropped it from 3′ high and 5′ high; it never skipped a beat.


· After reading about and testing the Brite Strike myself I believe this tactical flashlight to be one of the best on the market today. It will stand up to the day to day abuse. If you are looking for a tuff water proof, shock proof flashlight that will out shine and out last most flashlights on the market today this should be your choice.